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Ingenuity and Illusion

🎶 “Say, it’s only a paper moon, sailing over a cardboard sea, but it wouldn’t be make-believe…if you believed in me….” 🎶

Sometimes all you need is ingenuity and illusion!

A full-sized prop aircraft was required for a commercial and Data Repro was approached to assist with an elegant solution.

After a discussion with the art director Steve Smithwick, they came up with the idea to print a 2D plane to stand at a distance inside the hanger instead of the arduous and expensive task of sourcing or creating an entire realistic 3D plane. This seemed an unconventional approach at first but when considering the framing, the angle it would be printed and the fact that this was to be a long shot of the aircraft, it made perfect sense!

Research was put into obtaining an image of an aircraft at an angle that would look more natural and seemingly random than a perfect ‘on-the-nose’ side view. The plane was photographed with the aircraft steps open and lights added as if passengers had just disembarked. Using their large format machines Data Repro was able to print the image in sections before being mounted onto foamex board. The flats were assembled in the hanger, brilliantly placed and voila! Here you have a ‘real’ airplane!

The clients were astonished to find that the plane was in fact 2D and not 3D as they had believed it to be on camera!


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