This Art Department Rate Card, has been produced after more than a year of data collection and analysis.

The Rate Card attached has been officially recognised by, and put together by the BECTU Art Department Branch with the help of the BFDG – this Rate Card can also be found on BECTU’s website.

See below to download the rate card and view the supporting information that explains the process behind the formulation of this rate card.

The rate card and supporting notes were presented to HoD’s in a zoom consultation meeting held on 22nd April 2021. The meeting was attended by HoD’s from a range of production budget bands. Following a Q&A, rates were accepted as relevant and realistic and it was agreed that the rate card would be published with support from HODs.

Please be aware these rates have not yet been approved by PACT. The BECTU Art Department Branch will  be in contact with PACT to discuss their findings and the resulting rate card.

The rate card should be used as a tool and guide to help you in your rate negotiations.

This page has been created by experienced film professionals but we continue to review and actively update all our information; nothing stays the same so please do not hesitate to contact us to provide feedback.

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