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Our member profiles within this directory, have a wealth of information within them, including: availability, date of availability, membership level,  other job categories that the member is looking for work in, plus information on further experience and skills etc.

NB: All full members have gained a minimum of 3 credits to attain their BFDG membership level/accreditation.

Some members of course will be working at a higher level and this information can be found in the Further Experience & Skills section alongside their name, current membership level and availability below.

Looking for a supplier? Please click this link to be taken to full details of our lovely corporate members!

Have a Job to fill?

Then we can advertise it for you – either click on our Crew Finding Tab above and fill in our form, or email our membership manager [email protected]

Search by Name / Availability

To search our Directory for a particular member; enter their name or part of their name into the search bar.

If you are looking for all available members, simply click the link under Availability below.

Search by Membership Level / Further Experience & Skills

To search our Directory for a particular job category, experience or skill, simply use the search bar (i.e. by typing in Set Decorator).

For full details on a member (experience, credits, IMDB link plus possible further detail about when they might be available), simply click on their name to be taken to their own profile page.

View Profiles

To find out more information on a particular member, simply click on their name to view their personal profile. This will reveal work experience, imdb link, website link, perhaps a cv etc and detailed information about their availability. All members can contact another member via this profile.

Not a member?

If you are not a member and wish to contact one of members, please contact the Office Management Team and we will pass on your message.

Only members have direct access to other members contact details.  But we are always happy to pass on a message or contact a member for you.


Our crew finding service is free.

Whether looking for an established designer or young technician, most individuals work in various capacities depending on the project budget conditions. Categories do not restrict job titles taken. Indeed many Supervising Art Directors make excellent candidates as Production Designers for smaller jobs. Many already have design credits!

We can internally advertise jobs on our closed Membership site and closed Facebook page. Should you wish for anonymity we could forward replies via our office contact. However for a fast, wider and more effective result we can get interested parties to contact you directly.

+ 44 (0)7823 348431

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The Rate Card has been officially recognised by, and put together by the BECTU Art Department Branch with the help of the BFDG.

The British Film Designers Guild is committed to protecting your privacy and respecting your data. Any personal information which we require to offer our services, is kept only with your consent and is kept secure. We do not share your data with any third parties.
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