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BFDG Statement Regarding Membership Diversity

The BFDG is an all-inclusive, non-political organisation which welcomes into its membership all qualified applicants regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, neuro-diversity, or age.

The BFDG has always considered full membership applications solely based on film, television, commercial or other related work experience. Applicants are asked to show evidence of relevant experience when determining the appropriate grade within the BFDG. If the applicant has no work experience in the industry, they can still join as an affiliate / newcomer providing they are able to show a portfolio of relevant work, and if a student or graduate has an endorsement of a tutor, mentor or member. It will then be possible to apply for full membership and change grades within the Guild as the necessary credits allow. No other criteria are relevant.

The Committee, Treasurer, Secretary, Chair and Vice Chair are all voluntary offices. All members are invited to join the Committee should they wish to do so, and applicants of all grades will be considered equally. Ideally there should be some experienced members on the Committee to offer advice informed by knowledge of the industry, balanced with representation of all other grades.


As a Guild we recognise the difficulties that many from under-represented groups find when trying to navigate their career path into the Art Department in Film, Television and Commercials industry.  The BFDG aim to investigate and work with those agencies dedicated to establishing those new routes into the creative industries and in particular the Art Department.  This page will be updated as we make progress.

Members are urged to use the links below to familiarise themselves with the diversity policies of the BFI, BECTU, NFTS and other industry and educational organisations.  We would also like to encourage members to become familiar with other organisations, some of whom are listed below who are dedicated to helping those groups under-represented in our society, find work and thrive in the creative industries.

Several Committee members have been active recently (August 20) and been in touch and met with various organisations or joined meetings about inclusivity and diversity to talk specially about the art department – immediately below is an update on who has been contacted, what they are doing and how members might get involved, this will be updated on a regular basis, if you are interested in joining those members of the committee already involved, please contact the office [email protected]


CREATIVE ACCESSOur mission is to help under-represented communities, not just enter the creative industries, but to thrive when they get in – because only then will the industry truly reflect and engage broader society. 

We are a social enterprise, unrivalled in diverse recruitment and inclusion. We work with all under-represented candidates and organisations across the whole creative industries. Creative Access is largely funded by our employer partners who are committed to improving diversity and inclusion within their organisations, wholeheartedly. All profits go back into growing, training and supporting our community members.

If any members are interested in becoming a mentor for Creative Access please see more info and a registration form via this link https://form.jotform.com/Creative_Access/set-access-film-mentor-registration

Creative Access Website


MAMA YOUTH PROJECT – MAMA Youth Project is a registered charity that aims to increase diversity in the TV industry and curb unemployment for disadvantaged young people (particularly BAME and white working class). MYP works with its trainees to equip them with the right skills and work ethics and help them secure meaningful employment.  Over the last 4 years 82% of our participants have still been in paid employment 6 months after the completion of their course and over 98% experienced a work placement after training was complete.

The Guild have been in contact with them and are exploring ways of helping them.  One of our committee has already volunteered to join their guest speaker sessions in October this year.

Should any members consider volunteering for the Mama Youth Project – here is the link to apply Mentoring / Volunteering link

Mama Youth Project website


NO TRACE  – No Trace is a BAME led commercial production company based in London, UK.  “From our inception we have been dedicated to creating a diverse workforce built from our own internal initiatives and also from external working partnerships.

Recently we have set up a BAME Initiative that supports and develops BAME careers in the production industry.   The initiative has been endorsed by PACT.  https://diversity.pact.co.uk/tool-kit/schemes.html

We’re looking to provide guidance and opportunities in the form of career support and short-term paid roles  junior/trainee/assistant/entry level positions.

The aim is for the individuals to gain professional credits, acquire references and provide an opportunity to network and increase their contacts within the industry.

CAREER SUPPORT – This can be done in any way that is comfortable for you, for example a phone call, zoom chat, email etc.  It can range from career advice, interview techniques to CV support and sharing contacts.

SHOOT OPPORTUNITIES – The key objective is to get more people on shoots and get them hands on experience. This can be short or long term depending on the project.

If you’re interested in mentoring please email [email protected] and write ’Mentor – BAME Initiative’ on the subject header.

For more information on No Trace please visit our website No Trace website

DAGENHAM STUDIOS DIVERSITY PROJECT – The new Studios being built in this already diverse borough, aim to continue this diversity within the studios complex. The borough’s aim is to educate & to equip local students with the skills needed to provide the studio with crews for the future.

In August, two of our committee joined a preliminary London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Council hosted meeting. The Studios are looking for supporting partners. The Guild could be one of these helping partners. More news and information will follow about how we as a Guild might bring awareness of the Art Department to the students of the borough & support them.

BAME COMMUNITY GRANT – has been applied for and it is the intent of the Guild, should we be successful to hold a portfolio surgery, virtually for candidates from some of the organisations already mentioned.

Other industry organisations that provide information, with links to their websites:

BFI Diversity Inclusion

BFI Diversity Standards

NFTS Equality & Diversity Policy

BECTU Guidance on Race Equality at Work

BECTU Equality & Diversity

Pact Diversity Scheme



BFDG Membership Accreditation


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