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The Society of British Film Directors and Designers was founded in 1946, for the betterment of Design in British Films. Out of this society grew the Guild of Film Art Directors, and the present BFDG – British Film Designers Guild, who now include in their membership all the various branches of the Art Department from Affiliates to Production Designers.

Chairperson Past & Present

2022 –              Blair Barnette
2020 – 2022   
Sonja Klaus
2018 – 2020   Adam O’Neill
2016 – 2018    Peter Walpole
2014 – 2015    Simon Bowles
2012 – 2013    Susan Whitaker
2010 – 2011    Kevin Phipps
2008 – 2009  Malcolm Stone
2006 – 2008  Terry Ackland-Snow
2004 – 2005  Fred Hole
2002 – 2003  Terry Ackland-Snow
2000 – 2001  Peter Lamont
1998 – 1999  Austen Spriggs
1996 – 1997  Terry Ackland-Snow
1994 – 1995  Peter Lamont
1992 – 1993  Peter Murton

Management Team Past & Present

2021 – Present   Sue Chadwick
2021 – Present   Bimla Jackson
2020 – Present 
Sarah Lamont 
2018 – Present   
Sophie Jones
2016 – Present   Ali O’Neill
2010 – 2022   Mads Bushnell
2006 – 2009       Mary Krauss
1982 – 2005        John French

1946 - The Society of British Film Directors and Designers Founded

The Society of British Film Directors and Designers was founded in 1946, for the betterment of design in British Films, with the first President being Laurence P. Williams. Out of this Society grew the Guild of Film Art Directors.

1946 - First Annual Dinner

Clockwise from bottom left: Roy Oxley, Douglas Daniels, (Unknown), Laurence P. Williams, Alfred Junge, Edward Craig, Philip Brinton, Paul Sherriff, Maurice Carter, George Provis, CP Norman, Carmen Dillon & Bill Andrews.

1980 - Name change to British Film Designers Guild

In July 1980, with Art Director, Alan Tomkins as Chairman, the name changed from the Guild of Film Art Directors to British Film Designers Guild with the proviso that it be called the BFD Guild when talking or writing about the Guild.

1982 - Art Director, Tony Curtis becomes Chairman:

The Guild were producing 400 directories and sending them out to production companies with at least 40 going to the US. The number of members at this time is unknown.

1984 - Oscar winning Production Designer, Peter Lamont becomes Chairman

It was decided at this point, during a discussion at the AGM, that when the Guild reached 150 members they would look at special insurance.

1986 - Charlie Bishop becomes Chairman

An accidental death and injury insurance policy was included in the membership fee in 1986, a version of which is still one of our members’ key benefits today.

1986 - First Summer Ball

British Film Designers Guild first Summer Ball was held at Pinewood.

2009 - Redesign of Logo

The original BFDG logo dates back to the very beginning and was redesigned in 2009 by Production Designer Kevin Phipps in order to refresh and re-vitalise the Guild.

2010 - BFDG Membership Growth

Since 2010 the Guild has grown at a steady rate, encouraging new and younger members to join, offering far more networking opportunities with established members, an informative website and a Facebook page.

2018 - Logo Update

The British Film Designers Guild logo was updated in September 2018 by Production Designer, Kevin Phipps to reflect the evolution of the BFDG as it moves forward and continues to grow.

Present Day

Along with all of this a buoyant industry and several membership campaigns brings us to where we are today with over 550 members which include all of the various branches of the Art Department and we are now the British equivalent of the Art Directors Guild (of America). All of our members, whatever their level, do important work for which they should be proud. Some of the more experienced ones (past and present) have created highly acclaimed and beautiful work which has been recognised with an award. We have several BAFTA, Oscar, Emmy, ADG and BFDG award winners amongst our membership.


BFDG Membership Accreditation



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