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The Guild have formed affiliations to several educational organisations and universities.

The direction of education has always been fluid and fast changing as the film production itself. World economics hasten streamlining, optimum performance and maximum results, never more so than now. The Arts are particularly sensitive when the dollar speaks louder than the creative mind.

This higher benchmark only accentuates the need for passion and the business process to start early, in education. It’s hard to underestimate the importance of passion and the transforming power of it. Education is more than a mechanical curriculum but an organic and human one. It puts fire and creativity in the blood. Teaching the ability to learn is a life long gift of self-progression

Real change almost always happens from the ground up. Our mission is to encourage, invigorate and open up the knowledge of our industry in conjunction with the best educational facilities available. The Guild’s intentions are to incorporate existing skills, knowledge and opportunity to talented individuals looking to enter into the Art Dept. and commence on a rewarding vocation.

We try to introduce graduating students in our Affiliates section within Membership. To those starting your career from our linked affiliated institutions and organisations, please either send in your name, contact details with examples of your work that is suitable for public web mounting, with regard to copyright issues.  Or go to the JOIN button at the top of this page.

We will also need your tutor to confirm your eligibility by simply endorsing you by email.

Let us get you started!

Middlesex University

Arts University Bournemouth Film School

Talking Point


Nottingham Trent University

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We have put together a few links to public domain sites outside of the BFDG.  Some of our members have found elements of them useful and want to share them with our audience.

Continuity of content and factual correctness are open to discussion, so have a look and see what you think. Please advise us of other sites and information you have found about work related skills. The ones that we have highlighted are intended for training purposes only – both fee based and public domain accessible.

These Guides / links are intended to create an on going resource for those wanting to know more about Film Production, the departments and technical positions.

Please advise us if a link no longer works and we will update.

Yes you can make it in the Film Business!

The BFDG carries no responsibility for content, correctness, ownership of links. BFDG suggest taking precautions should you decide to download, sign up or log into any of these sites.

The links appearing on the BFDG website are provided as information for our users. BFDG is not responsible for, does not endorse nor is connected with the websites linked to on the BFDG website (“the linked-to websites”). The content or opinions appearing on the linked-to websites is the responsibility of the respective website owner. Please contact the BFDG office if you have a complaint regarding any links displayed.

Industry organisations

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