Our Availability List provides a platform for our Members to advertise themselves as available for work. Please note the following:

  • Entry requirements to the BFDG and upgrade requests from existing members are reviewed and individually assessed by the Committee to ensure the correct level of experience, skill and working knowledge is reflected in the given membership grade.
  • Each member is allocated a membership grade upon acceptance; however, they are not restricted to working in that position alone. Some members work often in multiple grades and therefore may appear listed under different categories.
  • In terms of career progression, although our members require three credits on significant programming and confirmation from the Committee to officially change their grade, we do encourage our members who are progressing in their career to advertise as such. You may see a combination of two credits listed as an example of this.
  • Our entry level category Newcomer is aimed at those just starting in the Industry, who would make excellent candidates for Art Department Assistants/Runners and those who are closely associated with creative industries (such as Concept Gamers) that are now moving into Film and Television with a wealth of transferable skills and talent.
  • All our members feature in our Directory and you can find out more information by visiting their Personal Profiles.
  • Although utilised by many, not all members choose to publicise themselves via our Availability List so if you would like further help/advice or should you have a position, grade or project requiring crew we can confidentially or openly advertise on your behalf. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Find crew members in our directory

Our Directory features all active members of the BFDG; search through to visit members’ unique Personal Profiles to find out more.


Our crew finding service is free.

Whether looking for an established designer or young technician, most individuals work in various capacities depending on the project budget conditions. Categories do not restrict job titles taken. Indeed many Supervising Art Directors make excellent candidates as Production Designers for smaller jobs. Many already have design credits!

We can internally advertise jobs on our closed membership site and closed Facebook page. Should you wish for anonymity we could forward replies via our office contact. However for a fast, wider and more effective result we can get interested parties to contact you directly.

Office + 44 (0)1753 785967
Mobile + 44 (0)7823 348431

The British Film Designers Guild is committed to protecting your privacy and respecting your data. Any personal information which we require to offer our services, is kept only with your consent and is kept secure. We do not share your data with any third parties.
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