Independent Feature Film – Contemporary Winner & Finalists – 2020

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Winner: The Gentlemen

This award relates to Independent Feature Films – Contemporary released in the UK from 1st Dec 2019 to midnight on 31st December 2020, based on data from IMDB and UK general release dates. (Release can mean theatrical or streamed / on-demand broadcast).

Nominated Feature Films must have must have at least one HoD who is also a full BFDG member on the crew; production designer (PD), supervising art director (SAD) or set decorator (SD).

The 2020 Winner & Finalists From This Category:

The Gentlemen

Production Designer (PD):

Gemma Jackson

Supervising Art Director (SAD):

Martyn John

Set Decorator (SD):

Sarah Whittle

Calm with Horses

Production Designer (PD):

Damien Creagh

Art Director (AD):

Tara O’Reilly

Set Decorator (SD):

Annalisa Andriani

I Am Thinking of Ending Things

Production Designer (PD):

Molly Hughes

Supervising Art Director (SAD):

Merissa Lombardo

Set Decorator (SD):

Mattie Siegal

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