The Peter Lamont Award – Spotlighting New Talent – 2021

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Winner: Fran Tesei

This Award recognises those working in Film Art Departments.

The intention of the Peter Lamont Award – Spotlighting New Talent is to highlight the future stars of the next generation of filmmakers and is open to both BFDG members and non-BFDG members.

This award has been renamed in honour of Production Designer and BFDG member Peter Lamont, who sadly passed away in December 2020. Peter was always keen to help and support young talent in the Art Department and as this award’s intention is to highlight the future stars of the next generation of filmmakers the BFDG thought it would be a fitting tribute to dedicate this award to him.

The 2021 Winner & Finalists in This Category:

Fran Tesei

Junior Model Maker

Avenue 5 – ​​PD: Simon Bowles
Avenue 5 – PD Simon Bowles, Infinite – PD: Chris Seagers
Infinite – PD: Chris Seagers

Fran Tesei

Junior Model Maker

I am an architect from Italy who currently lives and works in London. I initially moved to the UK because of my interest in digital manufacturing.

I have always been keen to learn how to use the latest technologies and apply them to contemporary design.

Secretly dreaming of having my workshop, I spent the early part of my career working for architectural practices before transitioning to the Film Industry.

Three years ago, I decided to take a leap of faith after receiving the offer to work as a model maker on ‘Infinite’. I could never imagine loving a job experience as much as I did when I worked for John Frankish.

Since then, I have had thrilling experiences on ‘Avenue 5’ and ‘Aquaman 2’. I am deeply grateful for everything that this Industry has taught me and the great colleagues I had the chance to meet.

In the next few years, I hope to keep walking on this path and collaborate more with the other Departments.

Mia Fardy

Petty Cash Buyer

Drapes, Window and Door furniture sourcing for The Batman – Set Decorator : Lee Sandales,  Buyer : Kate Venner
WW1 Military Medical tent research and prop sourcing for 1917 – Set Decorator : Lee Sandales,  Buyer : Kate Venner
Period Fabric & Wallpaper Sourcing for Ecoust town in 1917 – Set Decorator : Lee Sandales, Buyer : Kate Venner

Mia Fardy

Petty Cash Buyer

My love of film & TV started when I snuck into the TV room whilst my parents were watching Moulin Rouge, not the most appropriate movie for a 7-year-old but I was captivated by the lights, costumes and most importantly the sets!

I didn’t realise then that this fantastical world of design could be a career but after graduating from university, those dreams came true when I was offered work experience on ‘Outlander’, introducing me to the amazing world of set dressing.

Wanting to learn more, I applied for a ScreenSkills traineeship, where I got to work on ‘1917’ in Graphics and Set Dec. I was able to grow my prop making, research and organisational skills that led me onto my next job on ‘Batman’, where I discovered a love for prop buying and even the paperwork that comes with it!

My current position as a buyer on ‘Wonka’ has allowed me to continue with the sourcing and dressing aspects that I love but I’ve also been able to work closely with the drapes team by sourcing the set’s fabrics.

All the people I’ve worked with so far have made my experience unforgettable and I cannot wait to see what the next chapter holds!

Sara Ortiz-Cortijo

Art Department Assistant

Helipad P&Es and Details
Lotus Leaf Sculpture Details
Chandelier Design

Sara Ortiz Cortijo

Art Department Assistant

My family used to take me to the cinema at least once a week when I was a kid, and since then it has been my dream to work in the movies. Life however led me into designing environments for the real world, working for several years as a Project Architect at a major practice in London.

I continued being in love with film design and following a trip with a friend to Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden, a couple of years ago, where all the wonders of the Art Department are on display, I realised I must change trains. I looked for courses on set design and enrolled in several of them in my spare time. Trying to find a job in the industry while working was a struggle, and making the decision to quit my job and make the jump was scary, but I have no regrets. An opportunity appeared soon enough to join the team on The Power at Ealing, and now The Meg 2. I simply love it. To be part of such an amazing world full of creative and talented people is thrilling.

I am really grateful to all the people who supported me over the years and helped me to get through the door. There is nothing like working in what really inspires you. It is a privilege to wake up looking forward to the day ahead. To go to the studios every day, to help create a story by designing and drawing its scenarios, to visit the workshops and talk to the crews, to see how the sets get built … it´s all so enjoyable. I can truly say I have found my path. I couldn’t be happier and I´m really excited about everything that’s still to come.