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Shinfield Studios logo, corporate members of the British Film Designers Guild

Shinfield Studios is the largest new film and television studio facility in the UK and the most modern available for high-end TV and film production.

Carefully designed to meet the needs of the most ambitious productions, it features 18 sound stages, including two of the largest, fully climate-controlled stages available in the UK at 43,000 sq. ft. each.

Based near Reading in Berkshire, and just 30 miles from central London, the state-of-the-art studio facility spans over 1 million sq. ft. and features sound stages ranging from 17,500 to 43,000 sq. ft. The site also includes a 12-acre filming backlot, 38 workshops, substantial contemporary office space, sustainable and accessible facilities, and production support, such as post-production services.

Opened in phases over 2023 and early 2024, Shinfield Studios has already welcomed productions from Disney, Sony and the US streamers.

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