MBSi Virtual Production and Real Time Solutions

This highly specialist area of the MBSi service provides equipment and comprehensive technical support, throughout every stage of the Virtual Production process. The team work in close collaboration with production teams, through planning, installation and operation, to deliver in camera VFX, dynamic content and virtual environments, as well as covering all aspects of LED and projection.

Supporting the creation and delivery of real time content, MBSi team help build immersive ‘virtual location’ and studio experiences. Using custom created content to faithfully reproduce the natural ambiance of a scene, the on-set realism of the process allows talent and crew to visualise and perform against a dynamic background, rather than a vacant green screen.

Having established strong relationships with the industry’s leading software and tech designers, developers and manufacturers, MBSi are also actively involved in the development and delivery of innovation within this highly specialised area.


Working together on a variety of exciting projects, MBSi are proud to be partnering with Cinematographers, Gaffers, Art and VFX departments in the creation and delivery of immersive on-set experiences and Virtual Production solutions.

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