The Devil’s Horsemen


The Devil’s Horsemen are the leading film-industry horse suppliers in Europe.
They provide an elite team of Horsemasters, riders, riding doubles, horse-wranglers, horses, carriages, carriage drivers, tack and horse dressings to blockbuster Hollywood movies and television shows.

The Devil’s Horsemen work with world renown production companies, directors, producers and photographers and their credits include collaborations with Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, HBO, Netflix and Fox. The team specialise in actor training and their intensive and specialist riding lessons impart complete beginners with the skills they need to shoot scenes with confidence.
Over one hundred highly trained performance horses are stabled at their headquarters, Wychwood Stud in Buckinghamshire, UK. Each horse is trained by The Devil’s Horsemen and specifically educated for filming work. The Devil’s Horsemen love returning to their roots to entertain live crowds and perform live equestrian displays at shows across Europe.

The Devils Horsemen
Wychwood Stud
Salden, Mursley
MK17 0PL

+44(0)1296 720 854


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