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Founded in 1910, Rosco is a leader in products for the entertainment, film & television industries. Best known for lighting filters, the company offers product in more than a dozen categories, including LED fixtures, fog machines, green screen paint and backdrops.

SoftDrop® – Enormous, All-Natural, Fabric Backdrops that are easy to use.

Rosco’s Academy Award® winning backdrops are now available on a woven cotton fabric, offered in all of our Frontlight, Backlight or Day/Night backdrop technologies. Innovative technological advances in digital printing allow us to precisely register a daytime image on one side of the drop with the matching night-time image on the other side of the drop. This allows for one, stationary drop to render a daytime image when lit solely from the front, a night-time image when lit solely from the back, and dusk/dawn effects when a mix of front and rear lighting is employed.

SoftDrops can be produced as large as 11.89m H x 51.82m W – seamless! Choosing a Rosco SoftDrop makes installing a backdrop onto your set easy:

Easy to customize: our global, world-class Rosco Digital Imaging team will work to make sure the image in the background of your shot is perfect – no matter where in the world your production is shooting.

Easy to ship: SoftDrops can be folded into convenient, standard shipping boxes, which eliminate the extraordinary shipping and handling issues of the extra-long and extra-heavy tubes that traditional backdrops typically ship in.

Easy to hang: the woven cotton fabric on which SoftDrops are printed unfolds easily from its packaging and smooths out quickly as it’s hung, with minimal wrinkle treatment.

Easy to light: SoftDrops produce an image with an ultra-matte finish means Cinematographers no longer need to worry about the hot spots and lamp reflections they experience using traditional vinyl or polyester drops. Plus SoftDrop is inherently semi-translucent, requiring fewer lamps to backlight for night effects, which results in significantly reduced set up time and power consumption.

Easy to frame the shot: because SoftDrops are available in extra-large, seamless sizes, filmmakers are able to shoot from any angle or position avoiding visible seams.

Easy on the environment: thanks to its natural cotton substrate and its water-based, non-solvent inks – SoftDrop has a much smaller carbon footprint than other backdrop technologies.

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