Inframe Playback

Inframe Playback

Film & TV support – Playback Services (24 frame & digital scenery) in Camera for Film / TV / Commercials. Over 20 years in Film & TV has seen us providing on set playback for a diverse range of productions including Mission Impossible ; Star Wars ; The Crown ; Endeavour and Detective Picachu!

It’s all about understanding the needs of the many elements that we impact and while offering advice and guidance so that we can support the creative vision and hit our cues!

We are always happy to discuss concepts and love to get involved at the very earliest stage where our experience can often introduce really exciting benefits.

Film & TV
Some of our work delivering (one or more of) projection/ flat screens /playback /edit has included: The Crown; Burnt; Endeavour 3; The Martian; Point Break; Star Wars (+ crew wrap event); Now You See Me 2; Mission Impossible; Jupitor Ascending; Prometheus and Bang Goes the Theory.

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TLO Film Services

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