2019 Winner: Anne Clemens

This award relates to Spotlighting New Talent in the British film & TV industry.

The three finalists featured below have previously submitted their proposer/s submission statement and their submission assets.  As this award has now been judged by the BFDG committee,  we thought you would like to see the finalists entries.   These assets are now featured below.


Art Department Assistant

Anne Clemens

Growing up reading a lot of books, creating my own worlds in my imagination and then seeing these stories being turned into epic films, I have always dreamed of working in this industry. This whole world is nothing but positively exciting, thrillingly adventurous and wonderfully challenging to me!

I decided to do what needed to be done and left everything known behind to come to England and become part of a team of like minded people, a community of creatives, something I had never experienced before.  I love the thrill of constantly being challenged, always being forced to learn more and gain more experience, the striving for progress with every step forward – you can only win!

I can feel how all those people shape my path, train, encourage and inspire me along my way as each and every one of them leaves their traces so far.  I can’t wait for all the people yet to come!

I hope in a few years time I can be a positive, creative influence on someone as well, just as all the people who have walked with me and given me the chances that I needed. Thank you


Set Decorating Assistant

Anaïs Delpech

I grew-up in the South of France, and was always fascinated with the magical world of films and theatre. My love and passion for this industry led me to join the cinema school La Fémis in Paris where I studied production design. During my studies, I also got the opportunity to visit the studios in London as a trainee, which enabled me to grasp deeper knowledge of production design and its role in film making.

I have always been keen to discover how the best designers in the world work. My wish to move to London was realised after I worked as set decoration trainee on Dunkirk. It propelled me to relocate to the UK

I have been fortunate to work with various passionate art and set decoration departments so far. Recently I have greatly enjoyed working as a petty cash buyer on the film Eternals as well as other projects such as The Good Liar, Johnny English Strikes again, the TV series Pennyworth and Jack Ryan, in addition to other commercials and short films.

I enjoy being the eyes of a set decorator while sourcing props to help generate a specific atmosphere required by the designer. I like the attention to detail by using specific colours and textures to make a vibrant set come alive. I wish to keep learning and exploring further by working on different projects and hopefully to become an assistant set decorator and then a set decorator in the future. I would also like to travel across the world to experience new opportunities.


Art Department Assistant

Molly Blake

Once upon a time, there was a country bumpkin whose real dreams were of the magical life behind the screen. One day, after many months of hassling them, Emmerdale finally came knocking. They inducted her into their freelance Props pool, where she had her first taste of set life. She was hooked. Must do courses. Must meet people. Time for that all-important and absolutely essential yet horrifically excruciating NETWORKING.

One fortuitous day, she met a genie called Choi, who helped all her dreams come true. Fast-forward to Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. (Shooting near Leeds in little old Eggborough, of all places – praise be to the industry for recruiting locally!)
Woah. Big cars. Big set. Big crew. MORE PLEASE. It’s all in London you say? The big smoke? BRING IT ON!

HELLO NEW WORLD! The Postcard Killings – a modern horror. Turning London into Europe (oh, the irony). Rushing through the capital at all hours of the day… bit different from rural Yorkshire. Jump to Enola Holmes – this time, Coordinating. Hone Excel FAST. Communication. Organisation. Diplomacy. It’s a tricky business keeping an office full of artists happy (!) but here we are now on the second series of The Witcher, performing a few of my own spells to keep the smiles on everyone’s faces. Now, the dream is to one day become a genie myself, pass on the lamp, and keep the magic moving.

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