BFDG Awards Entries 2019 (for the first vote)

For the first time in the BFDG awards history, we have invited members to enter their project, accompanied by the following supporting assets: a still image that best represents the work on the production; a piece of artwork from the production, this can be either be a set drawing, concept drawing or graphic; plus a video clip.

The award exceptions to this are for Spotlighting New Talent entries. In this first round of voting each entry has been accompanied by their (BFDG member) proposer/s submission statement. After the first vote by the membership, the 3 entries going through to the final, will then be asked to submit work to accompany the submission statement.  (Please note the final of this category will be voted on by the BFDG committee only)

Lifetime Achievement – this category will be voted and agreed
by the BFDG committee.

To vote on these categories, members will be sent the voting link via a separate email.

Please remember these entries are in the first round of voting, the 3 finalists from each category will be announced in early December, after which there will be a second vote.  

The BFDG Production Design Awards is being held on 1st February 2020
at the Sheraton Grand, Park Lane, London. 

To book your seat or table simply click on the EVENTS tab. 
We hope to see you there!

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Spotlighting New Talent Entries:

Molly Blake

Art Department Assistant

“Molly Blake has worked on three consecutive pictures with our Supervising Art Director. We met Molly last year on Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw when the production needed a runner in Doncaster for 6 weeks, Molly then made the move to London where she was offered her work in January 2019, after she had completed the industry Set Dec course. 

She is bright, reliable and very perceptive, she is very committed, capable, good at adding up and finding out what to do next. So her promotion in the art department has moved quickly.”

Anne Clemens

Art Department Assistant

“Anne is a bright enthusiastic, hard working member of the art dept. who has shown a great capacity for self improvement in drawing and model making. She took on all the tasks of ADA on Pennyworth and followed them to conclusion,with great discipline and common sense. She also in her spare time did her own drawings whenever possible, and showed great improvement over the course of the project.I can’t think of a better candidate for this Award”

“Not long after she completed the FDI course at Pinewood, Anne obtained her first role as an Art Department Assistant on ‘Pennyworth’, creating a vast amount of white card models and doing her general duties as an assistant. Within just a few weeks with finishing on Pennyworth, she became a Junior Draftsperson on Fantastic Beasts 3! She has quickly risen to the challenge and demonstrated that she has the skills and determination to be part of the Art Department within film & Television.”

“Whenever you talk to Anne about what she’s doing you feel her genuine enthusiasm and excitement. Seeing someone love what they do so much, has an incredibly positive effect you. She is by far the most determined person I have ever met, travelling to another country to start a new life, just for the chance to get into the art department takes an incredible amount of courage. On top of this is her kindness, being likeable and being able to get people on your side is hugely important in becoming part of an effective team.”

Alice Cousins

Art Department Assistant

“Having worked with Alice on a commercial and currently on a BBC drama, her attentiveness and work ethic are second to none.  

Her willingness to learn and step outside of her comfort zone to try new challenges has made my work as a designer much simpler. 

From taking on surveys to script breakdowns and initial set layouts her skills have affected the whole department and she’s made herself invaluable to all of her senior peers – she’ll surpass us all.”

May Davies

Art Department Assistant

“May is known in the Art Department as ‘Marvellous May’. Nothing is too much trouble and she has a great eye for detail. She is wonderfully creative, has an incredible sense of frame and is bang on with continuity every single time. 

Her methodology is incredible and she is a much valued part of our team. She is absolutely is deserving of this award.“

Anaïs Delpech

Set Decorating Assistant

“Anaïs has a very strong work ethic. She is diligent, hard-working, creative and persistent, qualities which hold her in good stead within the Set Dec Team. 

Her technical drawing and photoshop skills prove invaluable – as they are adaptable to any challenge that is required. This with her organisational prowess make her a strong linchpin of the creative team.”

Chloe Taylor

Petty Cash Buyer

“On Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Chloe served as Petty Cash Buyer. Resourceful, indefatigable, creative, and cheerful, she was an outstanding member of our buying team. She came up with innovative suggestions and solutions for invented props and dressing elements. Reliable to fulfill whatever brief was assigned, she also went out of her way to bring interesting ideas to the table. 

Reliability and responsibility, combined with creativity and innovative thinking, makes an excellent start for what will be a bright future in our field.”

Grace Taylor

Junior Draughtsperson

“I have worked with Grace on two projects now, and she has been extremely professional, enthusiastic and keen to learn. And she is also very good at working in a collaborative way as well as being a very sociable member of the Art Dept”

“I worked with Grace when she was an assistant on Dark Crystal and can’t think of anyone more deserving of some recognition for her hard work as a junior member of the Art Department.”

“She has consistently done great work and been a pleasure to work with on all of the movies we’ve contributed to together.  Grace is a rising star and definitely one to watch.”

Grace Taylor is an incredibly talented artist and designer.  I’ve been fortunate to work with her three times.We first worked together on WILL a TV Pilot about the young William Shakespeare.  Grace designed our graphics, did our research, organized our visuals, built models and collaborated with me on our Shakespearian stage design.  At every stage of production Grace’s talent, creativity and responsibility exceeded my expectations.  So much so that she was one of my first hires on Disney’s MARY POPPINS RETURNS.  Grace had the complicated job of liaising between the live action art department and our animation team. Paying honor to Disney’s heritage of Sixties 2D animation and bring it into a modern world was an enormous challenge that Grace handled brilliantly.

Her intuitive design sense, ability to think on her feet and communicate led to her being in a key position on our current film THE LITTLE MERMAID.  Grace is working on set with our director Rob Marshall and his Choreographers tailoring and documenting our sets both physical and 3D to the very specific needs of the dance.  I would not let anyone that I did not trust 110% to be in the extremely important and sensitive position.Grace Taylor is the perfect candidate for the BFDG spotlighting new talent.I  highly recommend her!”

Harriet Treadgold

Art Department Assistant

Harriet has recently graduated from Nottingham Trent Film & TV Design and has worked in my Art Dept twice now. She is a great all-rounder, has a fantastic attitude, and is very versatile and hard working.

She is a great asset to any team and I’m sure will be a fantastic Art Director and Designer in future years.

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