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 BFDG Production Design Awards 2021 Winners & Finalists

All of the productions were released in the UK (from 1st January 2021 to midnight on 31st December 2021 based on data from IMDB and UK general release dates (release can mean theatrical or streamed / on-demand broadcast including festival screenings.)
Each finalist is accompanied by the following supporting assets: a still image that best represents the work on the production; a piece of artwork from the production, this can be either be a set drawing, concept drawing or graphic; plus the trailer for the production.
This year we have introduced the option of submitting a presentation, most entries, but not all, have included this.
Please click the presentation link to view where relevant.

The exceptions to this are for the following awards:

The Peter Lamont AwardSpotlighting New Talent (supported by Netflix) – the winner of this award is determined the BFDG committee only.
Finalists work will be available for viewing only.

Short Film – Entries are accompanied by a still image and a piece of artwork  for you to view only.
This award is voted on by a committee of BDFG members.

Outstanding Contribution to the Art Department (supported by Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden) – This category is voted on and agreed by the BFDG committee and a representative from Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden.

Lifetime Achievement – This category is voted on and agreed by the BFDG committee.

The winners from each category were announced at our awards ceremony which took place on Saturday 12 March at The Londoner Hotel, London WC1. 

*Changes this year in criteria – whilst we work hard to establish a diverse, fair and the most open criteria for entry submission, we are always happy to listen to members ideas’ and thoughts on how we can do better – please join us on the awards committee or let the office have your comments contact the office

View 2021 Winners & Finalists By Category:

The Peter Lamont Award
Spotlighting New Talent Award

This award is supported by:

This award has been renamed in honour of Production Designer and BFDG member Peter Lamont, who sadly passed away in December 2020. Peter was always keen to help and support young talent in the Art Department and as this award’s intention is to highlight the future stars of the next generation of filmmakers the BFDG thought it would be a fitting tribute to dedicate this award to him. This year the award is supported by Netflix.

This category will be voted on by the BFDG committee only.
Certificates will also be given to all finalist nominees.

Fran Tesei

Junior Model Maker

Fran has come into the industry from architecture and has in a VERY short time made a huge impact to our art department. Understanding and embracing the model requirements and constantly striving to embrace new technology and techniques.

Mia Fardy

Petty Cash Buyer

Mia is a truly gifted person with a dedication to the Film Industry and Art Department that is inspiring. Mia has worked alongside Kate Venner, Ben Barrington Grove and myself for over four years in her own self created apprenticeship, which over time has demonstrated her passion for Architecture and Interior Design whilst showing her understanding and appreciation of her own craft within the Art Department and Set Decoration. I believe this makes her a worthy candidate to this award as it continues to spotlight the new generation of film makers which she and her exceptional talent are central too.

Sara Ortiz-Cortijo

Art Department Assistant

Sara started on “The Power” as an Art Department Assistant. Although she has several years experience as an Architect, this was her first Film or Television job. Sara has many fine qualities to bring to the Art Department, her drawing skills and her organisation, but her best quality is enthusiasm and dedication to the job, even in the most difficult circumstances. She was always ready to help and she provided an invaluable back up to the art dept. *She has since risen above her original position, but is only on her 2nd job in the industry. She is outstanding.

Outstanding Contribution
To The Art Department Award

This award is supported by

This award is for Art Department members who we would like to honour for their outstanding contribution to the art department.

Judging for this award, is made by the BFDG committee.

Lifetime Achievement

This award is for Art Department members who we would like to honour having had a long and extensive career and who have made their creative mark on this industry, benefiting their department as a whole.

Judging for this award, is made by the BFDG committee.


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