The 12th BFDG Production Design Awards supported by BEN

The Planet Positive Winner & Finalists

This award is supported by Universal Pixels

Winner: The Essex Serpent

This award recognises those who champion environmental sustainability in their work

This new award has been created in association with albert and will be awarded to a BFDG member and/or Art Department team that has demonstrated their best efforts to produce environmentally sensitive designs and construction methods, sustainably sourced materials, props and thoughtful end of life planning: 

  • Reduce: Cut down materials and waste through sensitive design, technology and careful planning 
  • Reuse and Repurpose: Incorporate used materials in models, sets and props and design for further reuse 
  • Recycle: Utilise best available disposal methods, avoiding landfill and opting for segregated, closed loop recycling (if possible) when reuse/repurposing isn’t an option.
  • Encourages or celebrates sustainable innovation through supplier engagement 
  • Thoughtful prop planning and reuse strategies from the outset 
  • Showcases solutions to a sustainable future onscreen e.g. incorporates solar panels or electric charge points
  • Ethical and sustainable procurement that requires ‘best in class’ environmental certification 
  • Offset their unavoidable emissions through albert certification or other (not essential) 

The Winner & Finalists In This Category:

The Essex Serpent

Entered By: CAMA

Sustainability Officer:

Lily Limmer

Supervising Art Director:

Caroline Barclay

Production Designer:

Alice Normington

Photo courtesy of Harriet Lawrence, Supervising Location Manager

CAMA Assetstore is nominating the Art Dept for The Essex Serpent (Apple TV+ and See-Saw Films), for its commitment to working more sustainably in very challenging circumstances. On location in the Essex estuary, the Art Dept worked closely with the Producer and Marine Dept, who were committed to protecting the biodiversity of the salt marshes. On location, nothing was built from scratch, instead sets were adapted from existing buildings. The tide directly affected access, so crew, equipment and props had to be sent out by boat. The rule was “if you can’t carry you can’t take” which was supported fully. The Sustainability Co-ordinator and Art Dept ensured set pieces and props were donated to various organisations or stored with CAMA. Two arctic trucks worth of set-build: an entire bedroom, 3 window-seat structures, floorboards, windows, stairs, a cupboard and exterior wall flats was donated to Ravensbourne University, for their filmmaking students. The Essex Serpent was an Albert Certified and accredited production.

Empire Of Light

Entered By: Adam O’Neill

Production Designer:

Mark Tildsley

Supervising Art Director:

Adam O’Neill

Set Decorator:

Kamlan Man

The production was mainly based in and around Margate, with crew staying locally or using public transport and electric bicycles to travel to set. The construction team used recycled materials in key set pieces, and props were sourced second hand where feasible. Crew were encouraged to avoid use of single use plastics among other sustainability initiatives.


Entered By: May Davies

Production Designer:

Cristina Casali

Supervising Art Director:

Fabrice Spelta

Set Decorator:

Robert Wischhusen-Hayes

Our presentation shows how we incorporated reclaimed elements from house clearance into sets, made thoughtful design choices using less materials, worked closely with the props department to find sustainable homes for almost everything in a prop sale and by finding new places to take leftover items to. We acknowledge our attempts weren’t perfect but this particular project increased awareness of sustainability in design for many of us and is something that we are taking into new projects and making better, more informed choices. We look forward to learning from other entries and sharing ideas as we go forward.

Meta Spa

Entered By: Blair Barnette

Production Designer:

Blair Barnette

Art Director:

Stephen Graham

The vibe of this whole campaign is joyous and playful with a sense of magic and whimsy that permeates each story. In the three unique films of this campaign, we’re actually showcasing examples of a single story – the story of Meta’s Personalised Ads allowing small and midsize businesses to effortlessly and joyfully flourish. From the very beginning we pitched the idea of a wholly sustainable production to the client who were completely supportive of the methodology. We are convinced that by increasing green jobs and by making it easy and cost-effective to choose green solutions, we can promote a virtuous circle where increased sustainability awareness on sets improves all aspects of production. Our client: Facebook is now using our techniques to showcase how to have a more sustainable and eco-friendly production which is a monumental result! The ads themselves are pretty great too!

No Floor No More – Ted Lasso S3

Entered By: India Pim

Production Designer:

Paul Cripps

Supervising Art Director:

Iain White

Set Decorator:

Kate Goodman

Pia Honey Penny “No Floor No More” Charity Founder

My initiative will help reduce the film industry’s reliance on landfill and continue to lower emissions for years to come, all whilst helping vulnerable people. I worked with a charity that installed our set’s carpets into council houses as tenants often can’t afford carpet and are left with cold bare floors when they move in. Just 4 of our sets will recarpet more than 15 homes and in turn these homes will use less energy on heating. Were the whole industry to get involved we could make an astronomical impact!

The Peasants

Entered By: Elwira Pluta

Production Designer:

Elwira Pluta

The Peasants cardboard set construction

The designer was committed to creating a set construction method that avoided waste. The result was a self-designed solution of cardboard bricks which was then skinned with printed or painted canvas. The brief to the set dressing team was to avoid plastic and ensure props were 100% compostable.